A Rainy Weekend in Whistler, British Columbia

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Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, BC is a famous ski town at the base of one of the best ski resorts in North America. You might recognize it from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

I don’t ski, and though Ben and I would like to learn how, my research a few months ago for a winter ski getaway confirmed Whistler would be an expensive place to start. It’s a great place for summer hiking too, but hotels can also be pricey in the heart of the summer (which is July and August if you live in the Pacific Northwest).

So we decided to try an off-season weekend in Whistler with the idea that after visiting once we’d know better and be more prepared if we want to come back during peak season.   Continue reading

A Weekend in Victoria, British Columbia

Victoria, BC

Victoria is best reached by boat. The Black Ball Ferry that leaves from Port Angeles, Washington is the Victoria Clipper are two of the most popular ways to get there from the Seattle area. (Check out a myriad of options here.) This was the second time Ben and I have been to Victoria, and we took the Clipper again this time. It’s about a three-and-a-half hour trip, the boat leaves from the waterfront near Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood.  Continue reading

A Long Weekend in LA


Exploring Los Angeles for the First Time

It may be hard for my West Coast friends to believe, but until this fall I had never been to Los Angeles. (Except through the airport, which we all know doesn’t count.) Earlier this year at a baseball game in Seattle Ben and I got vouchers from Alaska Airlines for 50% off plane tickets. The destination options and travel times were limited, but we aren’t ones to pass up a good deal on plane tickets so we booked a long weekend in LA.  Continue reading

San Francisco: Part 3


“San Francisco has only one drawback—’tis hard to leave.” —Rudyard Kipling

Ben and I celebrated five years of marriage with a weekend getaway to San Francisco at the end of June. It was extremely hard to leave after such a short trip, and there is so much more to see that we could not fit into our two and a half days in the city! I hope we have a chance to visit again soon and stay a little longer.  Continue reading