A Guide to Beijing

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A Guide to Beijing [The Tourist Version]

“Beijing was beyond any easy pigeonholing of ancient traditions contrasted with modern luxury. It was a place that took everything that had happened within it for the past three thousand years and jammed it all together to make a hybrid city, huge and impossible to duplicate anywhere else.” -Janet Brown, Almost Home

I read the quote above in a book several years ago and saved it hoping I’d be able to go to Beijing someday and see for myself what the city is like. It’s fairly easy to fly to nonstop to many destinations in Asia from Seattle, and often you can find great prices on tickets. After researching a short trip to take over Labor Day weekend, Ben and I settled on Beijing. We spent five days exploring, including an overnight trip to hike part of the Great Wall. Continue reading

A Rainy Weekend in Whistler, British Columbia

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Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler, BC is a famous ski town at the base of one of the best ski resorts in North America. You might recognize it from the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

I don’t ski, and though Ben and I would like to learn how, my research a few months ago for a winter ski getaway confirmed Whistler would be an expensive place to start. It’s a great place for summer hiking too, but hotels can also be pricey in the heart of the summer (which is July and August if you live in the Pacific Northwest).

So we decided to try an off-season weekend in Whistler with the idea that after visiting once we’d know better and be more prepared if we want to come back during peak season.   Continue reading