Arches National Park, Utah

A Day in Arches National Park, Utah | Road Trips and Skymiles Blog

A Day Exploring Arches National Park

Did you know that Utah has five National Parks?

After visiting Zion National Park in Utah last spring, Ben and I decided to return and explore the other four parks. The National Parks in Utah are fairly close together, so it’s easy to plan a classic road trip to visit the parks. Road-tripping out west in the US has become one of my favorite adventures, and it’s easy to do on a budget. Continue reading

Zion National Park

Zion National Park, Utah

I’m a big believer in the planning/expectation part of a trip being part of the fun, but I was really busy leading up to our Grand Canyon and Zion trip and didn’t have time to do much research.  I think I had photos from some of Utah’s other national parks in my head when I pictured Zion, so I expected it to be more of a desert and was surprised to find a river running through it and some fairly lush greenery.
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