5 Reasons to Visit Seattle When it’s Raining

5 Reasons to Visit Seattle When it’s Raining

You may have heard it’s best to visit Seattle in July or August–and it’s true the summer is spectacular, but don’t be scared away by the rain!

Now that summer is officially over rain is back in the Seattle weather forecast. July and August are the most popular times to visit the city, but rainy Seattle has a lot of charm. Come see what #RainCity is all about.

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Lake Valhalla

Lake Valhalla Road Trips and Skymiles Blog

Camping at Lake Valhalla

Central Cascades, Washington State

It’s hard to believe the summer is coming to a close. Ben, Kai and I had one last camping adventure in August, and it turned out to be my favorite camping spot of the whole summer.

We hiked in 3.5 miles to Lake Valhalla, along the Pacific Crest Trail, intending to pick a campsite, drop our packs, and hike up to the summit of nearby Mt. McCausland.  Continue reading

Hike to Heather Lake

Hike to Heather Lake

I love discovering an alpine lake that isn’t too hard to get to. Heather Lake is off of the Mountain Loop Highway, about an hour and a half from Seattle. I had read about the hike back in March, but at the time it was too snowy to access. Ben and I headed up there for a day hike in mid-June, and there was still snow at the top but none on the road and nothing we couldn’t walk through with normal hiking boots.  Continue reading