Hike to Heather Lake

Hike to Heather Lake

I love discovering an alpine lake that isn’t too hard to get to. Heather Lake is off of the Mountain Loop Highway, about an hour and a half from Seattle. I had read about the hike back in March, but at the time it was too snowy to access. Ben and I headed up there for a day hike in mid-June, and there was still snow at the top but none on the road and nothing we couldn’t walk through with normal hiking boots. 

The Heather Lake hike is four and a half miles round trip. It is a bit of a climb, and I did wish we’d grabbed our trekking poles to help on the way back down. When we went the trail was still super muddy so we had to give our hiking boots–and Kai–a good cleaning when we got back home.

^Kai loved playing in the snow and mud!^

^I loved spotting the first sign of wildflowers along the trail. I think these are crocuses?^

In general we’ve had good luck with day hikes off the Mountain Loop Highway. It is dog-friendly and not too far from the city.

You can read all the details about the hike to Heather Lake on the Washington Trails Association website, which is my go-to for finding great hikes and camping trips.

Do you have a favorite summer day hike in western Washington? I’m making a list!

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