Photo Journal: Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park

Badlands National Park is filled with some of the most unique terrain I’ve ever seen. Hiking around felt like being on another planet.

What to Do

We started our day at the Ben Reifel Visitor’s Center and did several short hikes around the main area of the park. The National Park website has a great list of hikes, and I’d recommend also talking to the rangers in the visitor’s center about your plans for the day.

The rock structures are gigantic!

After spending some time hiking, we drove around through some of the main park roads to see more wildlife and scenery.

Prairie Dogs

The prairie dogs area always-entertaining and pesky. Signs warned us to keep our distance, but I had a zoom lens for my camera that allowed us to feel like we were up close and personal with their activities. It was so funny to watch them for awhile.


The other animal we saw a lot of at the park is pronghorn.

where to stay

We stayed at the Circle View Guest Ranch in Interior, South Dakota.¬†We chose the Circle View’s original 1800s homestead cabin, with no running water or electricity. The rest of the rooms in the main B&B are completely modern and comfortable and have wifi.

A far cry from the pioneer days, we got to hop in the truck and drive up to the main ranch house to share in the amazing ranch breakfast that Amy, wife of the rancher Philip, cooked for everyone. I loved meeting everyone else staying at the ranch over breakfast.

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We made a campfire at our cabin that night and sat outside listening to the coyotes in the distance and gazing at the millions of stars that lit up the night sky.


Don’t miss sunset at the park. The colors of the rock are breathtaking and the sun dipping behind the rock formations is beautiful and dramatic.

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