Great Smoky Mountains National Park Camping Trip

Double Gap and Hemphill Bald

Last year on Memorial Day weekend I went on my first ever camping trip. By first ever I mean I had only ever slept in a sleeping bag on our screened-in porch when I was little. There’s a big jump from the backyard to sleeping two nights in the woods with no access to proper bathrooms.

I’m not your typical “outdoor girl” but I’m a good sport, and I have been enjoying day-hiking trips and occasional camping trips with Ben for the past year and a half. After that first camping trip I can do anything, right?!

So for Memorial weekend this year Ben and I headed to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and did a 2-day backpacking trip. We hiked to the top of Hemphill Bald with a 2000-ft incline. The elevation of the bald is 5540 feet. We camped overnight, hiked a total of 13.8 miles, and climbed over 2000 feet while carrying our packs. It was tough but definitely worth the views!

Breakfast at camp: Starbucks Via and pop tarts 🙂

Great Smoky Mountains National Park has over 1600 flowering plants.

Carrying my pack over 13 miles was super hard but I think all my recent yoga classes helped. We had some Advil and Chipotle burritos when we got home from our trip, which both cured all kinds of aches and pains. Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!





3 thoughts on “Great Smoky Mountains National Park Camping Trip

  1. Jill E. says:

    Oh, Hemphill Bald is one of my favorite hikes!! You guys should go back in the fall — it is glorious! My husband and I have backpacked almost 500 miles in the Smokies, so if you ever need ideas for good hikes, let me know! Also, we’re always looking for backpacking buddies. 🙂

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