Chuckanut Drive

Another adventure we went on when my dad came to visit was the Chuckanut Drive, which is a beautiful drive starting about an hour outside of Seattle. We had planned on taking him to Mount Rainier but since the government shut down and the National Parks are all closed we had to make a quick Plan B!

Our lunch stop along the way was the Rhododendron Cafe in Bow, WA. We were hungry when we pulled in and ready to eat almost anything, but had a nice surprise when we sat down to find a gourmet menu of all locally sourced foods. I would definitely stop there again.

We also stopped at Taylor Shellfish Farms. They have tables and grills out by the water and plenty of shellfish of all kinds for sale, so that’s on our list to return during the warm summer months and grill up some super fresh seafood.

Bellingham, WA was the end of the drive. In Bellingham, we grabbed coffee and walked around in Boulevard Park, thanks to a recommendation from my co-worker Julie. I loved watching the boats, including the ferry to Alaska. I feel like the ferry to Alaska should be the start of a travel book (and probably is).

I’m glad we finally did this drive and hope to visit all these places again. It was fun to show my dad some of the area outside the city. One of our favorite things about Seattle is how quickly you can drive to beautiful farm country or mountains. It’s always nice to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle.