Morning Ferry Ride

When my dad came to visit we went on a morning ferry ride from Seattle to Bainbridge Island. The city was just waking up and partially covered in fog. Morning and sunset are the two best times for ferry rides!

^see the Space Needle rising out of the fog?^

^Ben and my dad^

After arriving in Bainbridge we ate breakfast at the Streamliner Diner, missed the ferry we wanted to take home by about 30 seconds, and then were forced to explore the shops along the cute main street while waiting for the next ferry back 🙂 I found an art/handmade goods boutique called Danger that I’d love to visit again, and discovered that Bainbridge Island has a first Friday art walk and many of the shops stay open late, so I definitely need to put that on my calendar.

Have you ever ridden a ferry? Before moving to Seattle I guess the last time I rode one was on a trip to NYC. It’s one of my favorite things to do here and I definitely recommend it for visitors!