Vietnam: Ma Pi Leng Pass


Ma Pi Leng Pass

I’m back today with another post from our trip to Vietnam! (See the whole series here.)

The Ma Pi Leng Pass is one definitely of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. Looking at the photos still takes my breath away. We drove through the pass on the road in northern Vietnam, heading away from the city of Dong Van and on to Ba Be National Park. The pass is in the Ha Giang province near the border with China. Besides the fantastic views you can see from the side of the road, there is a nice building with parking and stairs so you can walk out to a viewpoint looking over the valley (very similar to what you might see in a National Park in the US).

The mountain is filled with tiny pathways for people in the villages to walk around, usually carrying a bundle of crops. One of my favorite things about our road trip through northern Vietnam was seeing how people live and farm in the mountain villages.



IMG_4890^I’m glad we had a good driver to navigate this road!





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